About Us
Mission - to provide geographically and culturally relevant support for the healthcare industry, with special emphasis on quality heathcare equipment supply, comprehensive medical education and training and responsive customer and technical support.

Company Profile
Practice Ventures Limited (PVL) is a UK based company (Incorporated 1996), registered also in Nigeria, and is involved with the development and advancement of the healthcare industry, with emphasis on education and training.

Practice Ventures (UK) Ltd along with its affiliate, Prime Technology Medical Ventures (Nigeria) Ltd, has established itself as a trusted, reliable and successful provider of specialist, and non-specialist medical and healthcare equipment as well as localised medical education and training. The company has differentiated itself to customers not only as a trusted supplier of medical equipment, but more importantly as a genuine partner in advancing the long-term health needs of the local populations served by these customers. Practice Ventures has thereby developed an enviable reputation for effectiveness and gained the confidence of leading healthcare institutions in Nigeria.

The philosophy behind our practice is simple: Healthcare must be culturally relevant, appropriate and locally sustainable. Oftentimes, developing countries spend vast amounts on very expensive medical technology that:
a) are inappropriate due to the lack or inconsistent delivery of basic infrastucture needed to run the equipment
b) quickly break down for various reasons with no recourse to suppliers for technical support
c) either come with little or no training, or require the increased expense of flying personnel abroad for training.

Practice Ventures aims to support and promote the healthcare industry at all levels by providing the most relevant solution to address each need. We use our experience and the information provided by our end users to help to assess their needs, and assist with the supply and distribution of up-to-date, specialist medical equipment and supplies.

While training abroad is sometimes necessary, in most cases trainees learn best in their native working environment where they can immediately identify with the situations that the training seeks to address. Practice Ventures therefore proposes to bring the training to the trainee whenever possible, thereby achieving both maximum cost-effectiveness and maximum manpower effectiveness.

Also, Practice Ventures will work closely with both equipment suppliers and end users to facilitate the development of local teams of technical support staff aimed at ensuring the efficient use and maintenance of medical equipment.

Practice Ventures is also a provider of resuscitation training (Life Support) to healthcare and non-healthcare institutions.

Management Team
Seyi OyesolaDr. Seyi Oyesola – Dr. Oyesola is President and Chief Executive Officer of Practice Ventures and Prime Technology Medical Ventures. He is a Nigeria and British trained physician and certified Consultant Anaesthetist. His interests are in Intensive Care, Regional Anaesthesia, and Medical Education. He was an instructor in using medical simulation as an educational tool at the Imperial College School of Medicine. He is also involved in medical simulation-based research. Click here to contact Seyi.
Elizabeth WhistanceMs. Elizabeth Whistance – Ms. Whistance was formerly Senior Nurse at a London teaching hospital, with specialist interests in operating theatre nursing, anaesthetics and medical simulation-based teaching and training. She is the company Sales and Marketing Director for Nigeria. Click here to contact Elizabeth.